On foot through the Ötztal valley

1300 km of hiking and mountain trails: From the idyllic valleys to the mountain summits covered in eternal ice there are jovial tours for the whole family to challenging glacier tours, everything that makes mountain lovers’ hearts race. Thanks to the Ötztal summer lifts and numerous buses, reaching the routes here is really easy. Free premium upgrade for our guests in the summer: The Summer Card.


  • Hiking routes

Sölden – Windachtal – Waalweg Mooserstegle – Sölden

We hike along the old road into the Windachtal with deep views into the gorge of the Windach Ache. Here you can see the work the water has done over the last centuries, deeply embossed in cliffs and stone. Then you’ll walk down to the right and through the mystical forest to the river basin of the Windach Ache. There you’ll cross a little bridge and on the opposite side follow the Mooserstegle, a branch canal of the Windach Ache from an earlier time. Then you’ll walk further accompanied by the reconstructed canal that really excites the little ones. Then take the cheery path past quiet and fairy-tale places just before the grilling area. From there, the path leads out of the valley, past the Windau Mill behind the Windau district. You can take a break and recharge at the station of the Ötztal Nature Reserve before going back to the starting point.

Gampealm und Gampe Thaya

This hike takes you 8.9 kilometres and 960 metres high in about 1 hour and 20 minutes from the leisure arena to the church and up to the village of Plödern. Then walk through the dense forest up to the Hochsölder Strasse and over field paths and alpine meadows to the Gampealm and Gampe Thaya with a lovely sun terrace and Ötztal specialities as well as an Alpine dairy.


Hike up the 4.82 km of the Sölden local mountain. With a walking time of 3 hours and 20 minutes and an ascent of 1410 metres, the climb leads over the Lenzenalm meadow and the Nedersee lake steeply towards the summit. Once you’ve arrived, a unique panoramic view of the three thousand metre peaks of the Ötztal Alps awaits you.


Step 52

This circular trail with its 20.47 kilometres has a hike time of 7 hours and a 360 metre ascent. From the Breslauerhütte at 2844 metres, you softly ascend to the Vernagthütte at 2755 metres and then further to the Hochjoch Hospiz at 2412 metres. The last stretch leads you down to Vent at 1895 metres.


As one of the rustic meadows in the Ötztal valley with the additional benefit of “afternoon sun”, “the Stallwies”, as the Ötztal residents call it, is a destination for the entire year. The Stallwiesalm lies on Sölden’s quieter side, so you can fully enjoy your tour far from the hustle and bustle. From the Sölden leisure arena stroll along the Granbichlstrasse (Granbichl village) to the car park below the barrier. From there, you follow the broad forest path along the conifer forest to the branch toward the Stallwiesalm. Arriving at the top at 1850 m, the lovely sun terrace of the Stallwiesalm lures you in to take a break. Enjoy the local, hearty Tyrolean cuisine such as a savoury alpine snack, pork knuckle, ribs, cheese spätzle, Kaiserschmarren pancake dessert and many other specialities. The proprietor of the hut and his team are happy to prepare individual menus such as game dishes on request. Experience winter or summer pleasures in a rustic Tyrolean ambience and a breathtakingly beautiful natural backdrop! Please change to: Alpine snack and blueberry omelette. Experience winter and summer pleasures in a rustic Tyrolean ambience and a breathtakingly beautiful natural backdrop!

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