Relaxation highlight:
The Sky Spa

550 m2 of pure relaxation between heaven and earth.

For all of those returning from nature, an in-house place of power for swimming, going to a sauna and relaxing. To give in to the indescribably beautiful view that the Sölden mountain world lends us.

Easy living
in the mountains

After an active day in nature, here you’ll find the relaxation you need to release tension from body and spirit. Our spacious panoramic sauna, the bio sauna, our textile sauna and the aroma steam bath make you sweat at various temperatures and different humidities, to crank up your circulatory system and relax tired muscles. Then you can float in our infinity Sky Pool, work out in the fitness centre or be pampered with one of our massages and treatments. And all with the best view of the Ötztal mountain world.

8:00 am - 8:00 pm

The doors are open to you.

Sky Pool

In a top location with the best view, the infinity outdoor pool is a year-round highlight in the lifestyle hotel die berge. With comfortable interior access to the water, you can effortlessly swim your laps, while the background of the mountain panorama is reflected in the water. In the interior and exterior areas of the Sky Spa, our relaxing lounge chairs invite you to unwind and relax after swimming.



Small but perfect: Our gym offers selected, ultra-modern and quality devices for you, with which you can get your ideal endurance or strength training workout. Thanks to the unique view, you don’t have to give up the grandiose natural panorama even during indoor workouts. In addition, at the Sportlers Lodge Sölden – part of our family – you can use the BASEFIVE gym and all training sessions free of charge every day. State-of-the-art facilities and magnificent panoramic views included.



The sauna, it doesn’t only relax tired muscles, but pumps up your circulatory system. So that all of our guests find the perfect sauna for their well-being, in the lifestyle hotel die berge there is a Finnish panoramic sauna, a bio sauna and an aromatic steam bath and textile sauna, which kids can also use. The textile-free area is only for adults, however, as well as adolescents from 14 years of age.



Release everyday stress and finally relax: After an active day in the mountains, you should pamper yourself with a soothing massage or an invigorating treatment. The experienced and careful hands of our massage team help you to face-off against the mountain world the next day full of energy.


Relaxation for body & spirit

  • massages
Classic massage

“Swedish massage” is the classical western massage comprising the main techniques of massage. It is generally performed on the whole body while having fairly free manual techniques and there are no rigid procedures. Therefore it can also be performed on specific parts of muscles. The result is a well-rounded psychophysical equilibrium.

Full body: 80 min € 118,- | 50 min € 75,-
Partial body: 25 min € 42,-

Sport massage

“post-event sport massage” is the specific manual therapy indicated by protocols to be applied subsequent to a sporting event in order to promote recovery after training. A variety of massage techniques are used along with passive stretching. The routine can vary specifically depending on the sport practiced that day (mountain biking, skiing, hiking etc.)

Full body: 50 min € 84,-
Partial body: 25 min € 46,-

Foot reflexology

“reflexology” is an alternative medical practice involving the application of pressure to specific points on feet, ears and hands using thumb, finger, and hand massage techniques without using massage oil. Such work on the feet and hands causes a physical change to the supposedly related areas of the body.

50 min | € 75,-

Aroma oil massage

a classic massage by adding carefully chosen essential oils to ensure a highly revitalizing OR relaxing effect, depending on the properties of the plants from which they are extracted.

Full body: 50 min € 84,-
Partial body: 25 min € 46,-

Relaxing massage

relaxation massages aim at general regeneration and well-being through slow, soft and gentle manual technique.

Full body: 50 min € 75,-
Partial body: 25min € 42,-

Lymphatic Drainage (MDL)

it is a strict medical protocol developed by Dr. Emil Vodder. This massage technique works on the lymphatic system in order to treat lymphatic diseases (especially lymphedema), detoxify the body and release water retention.

80 min € 118,-

Decontracting massage

a decontracting massage is a technique to be used only on days without sports and without any other physical activity. Deep manual techniques and ischemic pressure are used to work on stiffening and severe muscle tension.

Full body: 50 min € 75,-
Partial body: 25 min € 42,-

Pure relaxation