Relaxation for body & soul

Sit back and relax. After a day of sport in the mountains it is tempting to indulge in a soothing all-round massage. Put yourself in the experienced and attentive hands of our massage team and feel your muscles relax in a classical massage or an inspiring aromatherapy massage as you revive and re-energize. Here our varied massage services at a glance:

  • Classic massage or sports massage
    Professionally attuned massage techniques for back, neck and shoulder. With gentle or strong pressure, the muscles are loosened, tension dissolved and new energy released.
    50 min  € 64,- | 25 min  € 38,-

  • Reflexology
    The entire body is reflected in the feet, with its strengths and weaknesses. With special massage techniques the individual reflex zones are treated in order to harmonise the organism.
    40 min |  € 58,-

  • Aroma massage
    Carefully refined and selected oils. An invigorating and stress relieving massage pamper your stressed locomotor system. Especially joints and muscles are relieved of tension
    50 min € 64,-  | 25 min € 38,-

  • Lymphatic drainage
    Soothing, rhythmic stroking, manual massage with draining and decongestive effect, at the same time strengthening the immune system.
    50 min € 68,-

  • Relax massage
    The relaxation massage is a head and neck therapy for those who are stressed. With gentle stretching and energetic strokes a deep relaxation is achieved and mobility of the head and neck region.
    50 min  € 68,-

  • Sacral massage
    Nowadays, people spend too many hours in the office chair and driving. Associated with this are blockages in the sacral region. This therapy relaxes these areas and increases mobility.
    25 min € 38,-

  • Individual massage
    Book time and space for individuality. This massage is effectively adapted to your individual needs.
    80 min €  98,-  | 50 min € 64,- | 25 min € 38,-