Relaxation for body & soul

Sit back and relax. After a day of sport in the mountains it is tempting to indulge in a soothing all-round massage. Put yourself in the experienced and attentive hands of our massage team and feel your muscles relax in a classical massage or an inspiring aromatherapy massage as you revive and re-energize. Here our varied massage services at a glance:

  • Classic Massage or Sports Massage
    Professionally selected massage techniques for your back, neck and shoulders. Muscles are loosened by applying either smooth or strong pressure; eases tensions and provides new energy.
    50 min  € 68,- | 25 min  € 38,-

  • Foot Reflexology Massage
    Your feet are a mirror of the entire body with all its strong and weak points. Special massage techniques are based on a system of zones and reflex areas that harmonize your organism and well-being.
    40 min |  € 58,-

  • Aroma Massage
    Carefully chosen essential oils are applied in order to guarantee a highly revitalizing and relaxing effect; a massage that loosens tensions and spoils your musculoskeletal system by relieving tense muscles and joints.
    50 min € 68,-  | 25 min € 38,-

  • Relax Massage
    The Relax Massage is a perfect head and neck therapy for stressed people. Gentle stretches and energetic stroking techniques contribute to deep relaxation; brings renewed mobility in the head and neck region.
    50 min  € 68,-

  • Individual Massage
    Book your fair share of individual time and space. This made to measure massage will be chosen according to your needs and preferences.
    80 min €  98,-  | 50 min € 68,- | 25 min € 38,-