The heart of our design

die berge and freedom – are with us in the new building, bringing a characteristic vigour and fresh encounters.
die berge and openness – enter the building through the atrium which extends through all the floors, bringing wide open views and light flooding in.
die berge and nature – come into the building from the open space of the Ötztal in the wood and the needles of the larches, the shale of the mountains, and the flowers of the alpine meadows.
die berge and panorama – look back as you gaze down on die berge from on high, swim through the Ötztal on the rooftop pool and enjoy the peace far above from lofty stone heights.
die berge and peace – are present sitting on a wicker couch in the bay enjoying the view of the mountains and peacefully watching the goings-on outside.

The construction diary

Looking back into the past - how it all began

Our construction diary documents how our mountain refuge arose. From the cable clutter to filling our spectacular infinity pool on the roof of the mountain refuge. Of course, with the finest spring water from the Ötztal mountains.

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