Ski mountaineering

Sporting winter experience of a special kind


Tour 1

Easy tour. Start: At the car park lot next to the road between Zwieselstein and Obergurgl, 800 m before Sahnestüberl.

Difficulty & Details


0,40 h

Altitude difference

202 m

Tour 2
Kleble Alm

From our hotel by car along the side street until the old people's home up to the parking lot above the houses of Granbichl. In good snow conditions by ski tour towards Kleble Alm with a beautiful view over Sölden. Refreshments: Stallwies Alm, open from June to April.

Difficulty & Details


1,5 h

Altitude difference:

641 m

Tour 3

From our hotel along the Ötztaler Ache to Gaislachkogelbahn, continue on past the camp site and up to the Platte district.  At Moosalm 1450 m follow the forest trail to Brunnenbergalm.

Difficulty & Details


1,45 h

Altitude difference:

627 m

Sölden and the impressive surrounding mountain summits is a paradise for ski touring. The ski season begins as soon as the first snow falls on the highest peaks, and then lasts until well into May and brings hikers from all directions under its spell. Whether shadow powder slopes or sunny snow slopes: the charming slopes allow tours for all requirements and levels of difficulty. Guided tours provide the opportunity to discover the fascinating Ötztal mountains and pristine winter landscapes from a new perspective.

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+ Important Rules

If you enjoy activities amid nature always respect the local guidelines when you set out on a ski tour (for example: wildlife preserves, hunting enclosures, reforestation areas, information boards, etc.). Don't enter protected wildlife zones or feeding areas, and avoid noise. Excellent planning and time management: start your tour early enough and return before darkness. In spring you should be back on the hut or in the valley at 12 noon (avalanche hazard!) at the latest.
Die berge doesn't take any responsibility for the suggested tours. It is strongly recommended to enlist a certified local mountain guide. Glacier crossings are allowed only in a group by using a rope. Before you set out on a tour you should inform someone down in the valley about the tour's destination.

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